24K Golden Skin Scrub

$21.00 USD

Have you ever heard of a scrub that leaves your skin golden and supple? No? You should try ours babe.
Here's Three reasons....
1. Exfoliating naturally leaves your skin silky and removes unwanted dead skin particles.
2. Our scrub is made with the perfect ratio of sugars to oil for an immediate glow.
3. We add the sparkle to leave you golden but your the MAGIC!

Bonus tip- our scrubs pair beautifully with our oils and Mango aloe rich Whip!

To Use- Clean your skin as normal. Right before getting out of the shower grab a scoop of scrub and rub into your skin and rinse. PAT DRY GIRL. you dot want to rub off all the beauty. Lastly look at yourself in the mirror and enjoy that glistening SKIN!

This is perfect all year round and makes a perfect gift for ya bestie.

.Always do a patch test
Ingredients- Brown, Cane, & Coconut sugar, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Grapeseed Oil, Mica.